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The Greenwood Group provides professional horticultural services for integrated landscape management programs which include ornamental and sports turf maintenance, lawn care, weed and pest control, fertilization, soil conditioning, shrub and groundcover maintenance, small tree pruning, and seasonal color planting and rotation.

We are a team of professionals who demand excellence and provide quality beyond expectations. Greenwood Group will work with you to meet your goals. Our team and maintenance managers are committed to maintaining an exterior environment that is both pleasing to residents and will maximize the investment of clients.

Landscape Maintenance Services

Our primary service offered is Landscape Management.

In past years, thought of as only "gardening", Landscape Management has evolved into a technical, scientific discipline.

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Design and Installation Services

Greenwood Group offers a complete landscape construction division along with management services.

Greenwood Group has the expertise to do site analysis, designs as well as installation.

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Irrigation Services

Irrigation has become one of the most technically sophisticated areas of the landscape business.

Irrigation controllers that were simple mechanical clocks ten years ago are now complex computers.

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Seasonal Color Installation

What is the first thing people notice when they drive by your property? Chances are it is your seasonal color beds. It's like the icing on a cake.

How do you compare to your neighbors?

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Landscape Environmental Services in Metro Atlanta

Since our clients want the same great Greenwood Group services we provide for apartment communities and commercial properties, we are proud to offer our lawn, tree and shrub environmental service to all our customers.

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