Tree and Shrub Care

The best way to prevent disease and insect problems is with healthy plants.

Our goal is to provide a program of timely applications for control of certain insects and diseases. Some insects and diseases can be common problems such as: Japanese Beetles (June Bugs), Tent Caterpillars, Anthracnose (Viral Leaf Spot), and Shot Hole Fungus. Should unexpected problems occur that our normal application of preventive sprays does not control, the problems will be handled the same way as turf. Woody plants more than twenty (20) feet in height are not included in our program.

Rounds Material Applied Activity
1 Horticultural Oil Scale, insects, and Over wintering eggs
2 Complete Fertilizer Nutrients for spring growth
3 Insecticide, Fungicide, Miticide Chewing and sucking insects
4 Insecticide, Fungicide, Miticide Chewing and sucking insects

* Exclusions: Pests controlled by this program are limited to insects and diseases that cause foliar damage only. Trunk boring insects, such as ambrosia beetles and cherry borers as well as root diseases are excluded from this program. Please contact your Greenwood Group Environmental Services Representative for more information on these services.