Greenwood Group Customer Testimonial "Just want to thank you for a beautiful job well done! The landscape design came out more beautiful than we could have imagined and is so natural looking, just as I requested. All of the hardscapes also exceeded our expectations. You and your crew were a delight to work with. You were all very professional and happily made any changes that I requested, including the last minute change from seed to sod. The new yard is bringing us so much joy! We are now spending time in our beautiful back yard. Still can’t believe the transformation. Thanks again for a job well done. It was a pleasure working with you!"

Debbie, home owner

"Wanted briefly to offer a note of appreciation for the crew chief. He consistently works with us in a very professional, pleasant, and approachable manner which I assure you has not gone unnoticed. He is very good at “searching” for me each week to ensure that we are happy with the job they are doing, and to get any additional instructions we might suggest or request. Further, he consistently carries out those additional instructions without any the need for me to follow-up to see whether or not they were done. Seeing as none of this was happening with our previous Landscaping company, I wanted to make sure that he knows we sincerely appreciate his work for us, and to commend you on employing quality individuals who are adding to your well respected reputation around town."

Jeff, Manager

Testimonial Picture"I commend the outstanding work and beautiful personality of GERARDO. His cheerful, can-do attitude and helpful, knowledgeable leadership gets his team's job done well and earns him deserved honor and praise. PLEASE COMMEND GERARDO FOR HIS PERFORMANCE, and let him know, as I already have, that customers are so happy that he is onsite weekly. "

Tamar, Property Owner

"I can't begin to tell you how impressed and appreciative I am about the service I received today from the Greenwood Group. I called about having a bush removed from my back yard. Within a hour the bush was removed and hauled away. That's service!Thanks again to all concerned. It's always a pleasure doing business with the Greenwood Group."

Don, Committee Member

Customer Testimonial"Greenwood Group has been maintaining numerous associations of mine for over 3 years. They do great work and respond quickly to any requests I may have. As a property manager, things are usually pretty quiet in regards to common area landscaping, which is a great thing for me so I can focus on my other responsibilities. When things are quiet, to me, means they are doing their job right the first time. Keep up the good work Greenwood Group!!"

Steve, Manager

"I had my usual window cleaners here yesterday and as they were leaving they commented that, of all the places they work, our community is the prettiest, most well-maintained and nicely manicured of all. They especially noticed the plantings and flowers. Thought you’d like to know that others appreciate your hard work as much as we do."

Jean, Committee Member

Testimonial Picture"No one compares to the quality of work and customer service Greenwood Group Landscape provides. As the Landscape Chairperson, I have been extremely gratified by the dramatic improvement in the appearance of our landscape. Additionally, we have been extremely pleased by the service level and attention to detail that they have performed for our association. You have a great group of hard-working, conscientious, and courteous people. "

Michael, Landscape Chairperson

"As soon as I joined our Board, I made it a priority to replace the previous landscaping crew and I only wish the former Board had found the Greenwood Group years prior. Our complex has been extremely pleased with using the Greenwood Group for our landscaping needs. Overall, they are responsive and continue to surpass our expectations."

Gary, President

Testimonial Picture"Great service-whenever I call for a request on the grounds within a day it is either answered by e-mail or the service is done-Chris and his staff do a great job for us! Thanks for making our entrance pop! "

Marsha, Board Member

"I met Greenwood for the first time about three years ago when I got a new property that Greenwood had been working on. The landscape was incredible!! The service has always been outstanding and they are easy to reach for special requests. We do regular landscape enhancements on most of my properties. They have creative ideas and are able to bring the designs to life.

I know you will be pleased with their services!!"

Rhonda, Manager

Testimonial Picture"I would like to thank everyone at Greenwood Group for the excellent customer service and the professional landscape maintenance. Greenwood Group has dramatically improved the look of our property. Thank you for being so responsive."

Sean, Manager
Greenwood Group Customer Testimonial